Industrial Hand Cleaners and Dispensers

Biodegradable Hand Cleaner

Renowned for its superior performance, WORX® Biodegradable Hand Cleaner is a unique industrial powder formula. A favourite in many industries because it is safer on your skin, green-certified, and cost-effective. ‘WORX…A Little Goes A Long Way!’
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Power Clean Liquid Hand Soap

For everyday handwashing applications, for use in shop facilities, office restrooms. This gentle formula removes light soils and a thorough 20-second wash can keep your hands bacteria-free.
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Power Clean Foam Hand Soap

Savings, performance, and luxury! Our Power Clean Foam Hand Soap offers a superior clean against common light soils and works on a budget in high traffic facility restrooms.
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Power Clean Waterless Hand Soap

Do you require a hand soap for off-site work where there is no access to water? Worx® Power CLean Waterless Hand Soap delivers. Removes common industrial soils easily, contains a neutral fragrance, and developed with user safety in mind.
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